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Websites are a really important part of your business. Everyone will look you up and land on your website, where you have all the services that you offer, an easy way to get in touch, everything is easy to see and navigation is incredibly obvious, right? If your website does not sound like that description, you may be in trouble. Social media is important and blogging is great, but the thread that ties everything together in the community that surrounds your business is your website. If your website looks unprofessional, unrelated or simply difficult to read, that might be enough to turn people off your business.

Think of it like this: on the internet, everything happens at lightning speed. The customer can look something up and he will get several relevant results for something that he wants to buy, for example. He is spoilt for choice but he decides to click on your company’s website. From here, a few things can happen. The best outcome is that he stays on your website browsing for whatever product he has come looking for. The second outcome is that he pushes the back button and continues looking for your product in a different place. This is not the only risk you run when you have a poorly designed website. Your content is less likely to be shared and go viral, customers may ask others for information instead of looking at your website and you may not get as many sales as you should
Follow some simple design tips to ensure that your website is up to par. Black on white is about 200% more readable than white on black, it is important that a customer knows how to find things on your website and does not need to jump through a maze of links to find what they are looking for. Music or videos auto playing when someone enters a website has been shown time and time again to increase your bounce rate (a bad thing). Your website is the online face of your company so make sure it is up to par and allow it to be a strong link between the rest of your social media profiles for the most beneficial effects on your reputation.

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