Services offers reputation management services for small businesses and individuals who are seeking help managing their reputation online.


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Good or bad reviews, we can help you get the most from review marketing.

Have a look at these powerful stats:

*A recent study found that 82% of all buyers bought after they researched what other people are saying about that particular product or service.
*A study conducted by eVOC and RelevantView found 63% of shoppers are more likely to make a contact or purchase that had positive reviews.
*A study found businesses with a rating or review receive 2x the number of in clicks/contacts of listings without.
*A survey by CONE found 80% of the respondents said that negative information they read online made them change their mind about purchasing a product/service that was recommended to them.

The odds are overwhelmingly against you, in terms of reviews on your business making their way to web. One upset customer can make a TREMENDOUS impact on your online reputation and you must be protected.

Below are our Signature Services:

Our Branded Review Portal service puts you back into control! This branding portal shields your reputation by only displaying POSITIVE reviews online via your portal and online review sites, and channeling any negative reviews internally so they can be dealt with and corrected. Reviews can be user submitted either through your web portal via computer or mobile and/or via text message SMS RIGHT AT YOUR BUSINESS LOCATION!

Your Branded Review portal also act as very powerful viral coupon platform, converting one time customers into repeat customers. This is done by an automatic system that issues viral coupons for your business, that customers can use and share with their friends via social media sites.

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We offer simple, yet very effective solutions to managing your online reputation.